Cross Infection Control

At The Dental Clinic we take our responsibilities towards our patients very seriously. Controlling the risk of infection from dental procedures is central to our standard protocols. We continually strive to ensure that we are completely up to date with our methods, equipment and techniques.

From zoning our surgeries to using vacuum autoclaves, from using autoclavable pouches to using the safest antiseptics � we want you to feel safe and secure when having dental treatment with us.

Instrument Sterilization

We carry out a 4 step sterilization standard used at quality healthcare facilities worldwide for all non-disposable items

  • Step 1 :

    Instruments Are Scrubbed Thoroughly To Discard Debris If Any And Washed In Antiseptic Solution

  • Step 2 :
  • The Instruments Are Than Rinsed In Ultrasonic Cleaner, Packed In Sterile Pouches And Vacuum Sealed.

  • Step 3 :
  • Autoclaving is the best way of sterilizing instruments. We at our end, carry out autoclaving of instruments in our advanced digital front loading Autoclave machine.

    The Autoclave is frequently tested using test strips to ensure proper functioning. This assures that all instruments are autoclaved.

    Certain heat sensitive and heat resistant instruments which cannot be autoclaved are immersed in chemical sterilizing solution (Korsolex) to achieve disinfection.

    Cold sterile instruments are then safely placed in sterile pouches that contain related items.

  • Step 4 :
  • Packed sterilized instruments are kept in U.V. formalin chamber to maintain sterilization.

    To ensure a bacteria free environment at the clinic we carry out fumigation process every week wherein, the whole clinic is treated with chemical fumes to see that the treatment environment remains bacteria free.

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