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As teeth are one of the first things we notice about a person, it's worth looking after your smile Good oral hygiene is a gateway to good general health. Visiting a good dentist and dental practice is the ideal way to ensure that your mouth and teeth stay healthy and attractive. That's why, at Smile Centre Dental Clinic, our dental teams is dedicated to provide you with the best. We have an all MDS staff to cater to your various needs. At clinic you'll be greeted by qualified dentists and state-of-the-art technology, carefully selected to offer you the very best dental care.

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Tips For Dental Care

BRUSHING, the most mundane task is often overlooked. So here are steps for right brushing.

  • Place the tooth brush at 45 degree angle against your gums
  • Rotate the brushing in small, circular motion gently
  • Brush the outer, inner and chewing surface surfaces respectively of upper and lower arches
  • Scrape or brush your tongue to remove bad- breath causing bacteria
  • Rinse with water or alcohol free mouth wash.
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